Which Lodge Cast Iron Grill is Right for You?

The Kickoff Grill

Did someone say celebrate? Grab the Kickoff Grill to kick off the weekend, use on your next vacation, or to christen the first game of the season. This portable cast iron grill brings the fun to any gathering. Made of two pieces of cast iron that require no assembly, its easy-to-use design allows you to simply twist to adjust the draft as you cook. The cooking surface has a 12 inch circumference.

This Grill Is Perfect for You If:
  • You’re looking for a portable cast iron grill that travels easily with you to wherever the party is.
  • You need a grill with smaller dimensions to better fit your current storage situation.
  • You’re new to the world of cast iron.

“The Kickoff Grill is ready to tackle any of your outdoor grilling needs. Its adjustable draft system makes pivoting from hot-and-fast to low-and-slow a game-time decision. I know this grill will become the all-star at your next family gathering or weekend away.”

—Kris, Chef at Lodge Cast Iron

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